Spiritual and Shamanic Healing cleanses your energy field, allowing you to be your natural self.  Unwanted emotions, behavior, and thoughts are addressed, including depression, anger, anxiety, addictions, feeling blocked or under attack, stress, feeling not like yourself, and many physical symptoms. I am blessed to offer you in person and distance healing sessions to help you feel better fast, and help you  open your heart to receive. I am grateful for my teacher, Victor Barron, for sharing his knowledge and many gifts. 


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I am blessed to offer you over 20 years of intuitive space clearing experience.

Every home and business can benefit from profound energy cleansing and improved spiritual flow. I am also certified in Paranormal Psychology, and have completed training in Victor Barron's Home and Business Clearing and Magnetic Grid, and Spirit of Nature Clearing methods. My checklist helps you determine if you can benefit from this Home & Business Clearing service. 


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HOME & bUSINESS clearing

You deserve wellness, opportunity, and balance in your home and life. I am grateful to be of service, and to witness God's healing abilities. All services are petitioned according to God's will.  Please Contact Me or call 540-878-8953 to book your appointment. 

Healing Sessions

feng shui

My Feng Shui is the best arrangement of your physical surroundings with decor, colors, lighting, balance, clutter busting, and God based intention. It creates a wonderful feeling in your home or workplace and supports those living in the space. This is color therapy on a large scale. I also offer decorating and staging services.  My 20+ years experience helps you achieve the exact look and feel you desire.

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Ready to stop existing, and start living? A distance spiritual healing session may help. Your physical presence is not required to cleanse your energy field and remove issues keeping you from being your natural self. This is an ideal way to experience a healing session without having to miss work or home life; or for those living in other areas. It is also great to do for a loved one, as the healing petition is offered to God on their behalf.  I will contact you within 48 hours after ordering for additional information. Thank you.

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