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Healing Sessions

I am blessed to offer you over 20 years of intuitive energy space clearing experience. Every home and business can benefit from profound energy cleansing and improved spiritual flow. I am also certified in Paranormal Psychology, and have completed training in Victor Barron's Home and Business Clearing and Magnetic Grid, and Spirit of Nature Clearing methods.  


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ENERGY clearing

feng shui

My Feng Shui is the best arrangement of your physical surroundings with decor, colors, lighting, balance, clutter busting, God based intention...  It creates a wonderful feeling at home or work and supports those in the space. This is color therapy on a large scale. My 20+ years experience helps achieve the exact look and feel you desire. I also offer staging services.

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Sacred Solutions

Spiritual and Shamanic Healing cleanses your energy field, allowing you to be your natural self.  Unwanted emotions, behavior, and thoughts are addressed, including depression, anger, anxiety, addictions, feeling blocked or under attack, stress, feeling not like yourself, and many physical symptoms. I am blessed to offer you in person and distance healing sessions, and am grateful for my teacher, Victor Barron, for sharing his knowledge and many gifts. 


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"My experience with the in person healing was truly one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. Although I was initially very unsure and self conscious, the moment I stepped into the room I knew that this was the best decision I had made.  Throughout the process I felt grounded, free, and hopeful. My healing allowed me to open doors  that I didn't realize were there, guiding me on my spiritual journey. I am so grateful to have undergone this healing."  Isabel

 "I feel like I have my son back.  However, most importantly, he feels it. I feel that the [distance spiritual] healing has removed the negative energy that was surrounding him and preventing him to progress in a healthy manner."  Sunnie

"I have had spiritual/shamanic healings from Cheryl. She is kind, caring and spiritually strong. She is a beautiful healing instrument of God and has helped me transform my life for the better." Laura C.

"I was at a pretty rough point in life..In a matter of a few weeks I had regained a calmness that I haven't felt in years. I can't quite describe it, but the worries, the fretting...it just sort of went away.  As that happened my energy levels increased, positive things began unfolding and generally I felt at ease and at peace with life. That hadn't been the case for quite some time... It worked on a number of levels." -Jim B.

"I was so very stressed and did not know what else to do. Cheryl did a [distance spiritual] healing and soon thereafter I felt inner peace and a profound calm.  Thank You!" -Ann

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Hello, I'd like to welcome you to my website. It's important to be on your right path; living fully and with an open heart. The best way to get started is with a spiritual shamanic healing session. This helps you to be your natural self by cleansing your energy field and strengthening your spirit. I have learned how deep of an impact spirituality can have, how it really changes lives for the better; and I would love to help you live your life from a spiritual perspective.  Cheryl Shotwell


Experience the benefits of a spiritual shamanic healing while at home or work.  Many of my clients are taking advantage of stay-at-home healing! My distance healing sessions are easily booked online and done while you go about your day. No need to miss work, events, or time with your family. The best part is, you need do nothing special while I am doing your healing! Distance healing sessions are a powerful approach to feeling lighter and more like your natural self. Spiritual cleaning of your energy field helps remove negative energies including unwanted emotions, thoughts, behaviors...even physical symptoms. I recommend this type of healing for anyone and everyone! This is a great way to experience healing yourself, and also to do for a loved one.  Your healing will be scheduled immediately, and I will contact you shortly for more specifics and what to expect.  

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